Wheeled Cart Uses Leverage To Do Many Jobs
You can do everything from pulling up buckthorn to digging out rocks and hauling firewood with this 2-wheeled cart that can be fitted with a variety of tools.  
  Vermont entrepreneur Gerry Hawkes has developed a number of successful products through his company, Eco Systems Inc.    "It's based on pretty simple principles that I think have been overlooked," Hawkes says. He had been thinking about the design and was inspired to create it after the Haiti earthquake when he saw that people didn't have any way to move the debris. He uses low center of gravity and fulcrum/lever principles in the design along with unique sockets in the front and rear to mount tools, handles and hitches. Powder coated and made of 2 by 2, 11-gauge square tubing and schedule 40 pipe, the unit is designed to last.
  A basic 1-wheel dual pry bar system with frame, handles, stainless steel axle and one flat-proof tire starts at about $490. A second wheel can be added as well as an optional trailer hitch that allows the cart to be pulled by a garden tractor.
  Charts on the company website guide customers through the components they need for the work they want to do.
  "I have a lot more attachments coming, but I'm also thinking people will come up with even more ideas once they understand the versatility of this tool. I'm expecting a lot of user creativity," Hawkes says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gerry Hawkes, Eco Systems, Inc., 796 Wayside Road Ext., Woodstock, Vt. 05091 (ph 866 638-7337; www.wheeledhandtoolsystems.com).

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