2011 - Volume #35, Issue #3, Page #10
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ATV-Pulled "Calf Corral"

This ATV-pulled calf catcher lets you form a "corral" around a newborn calf and tag and vaccinate it safely and easily.
  Cow-calf operator Wayne Lusk of Viking, Alta., built his first calf catcher 12 years ago. Since then, he has continued to improve it and says the "Quad Roper" is now ready for sale. The unit's 2-wheeled steel cage is made from light tubing and measures 8 ft. long by 4 ft. wide and 4 ft., 9 in. high. A metal gate on front swings and locks open with a spring latch.
  To corral a newborn calf, the driver approaches it with the gate open. Once the calf is inside the corral he pulls a trip rope to shut the gate.
  "It's a safe way to work on newborn calves because it keeps the mother out," says Lusk. "The cow can see the calf while you tag, weigh, and transport the calf in safety."
  A small transport cage is used for transport. "You fold down one side of the cage to the ground for the calf to stand on, then tip the side back up and latch it in place," says Lusk.
  The unit comes with a mounted veterinarian's box and rides on ATV tires so it runs quiet, say Lusk. An optional weigh scale pole mounts on one side of the unit. "The paint on the Quad Roper is powder coated, making for easy cleanup," notes Lusk.
  The Quad Roper sells for $1,750 (Can.) plus S&H. The optional weigh scale pole sells for $25 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wayne Lusk, East Bruce Mfg. Ltd., P.O. Box 668, Viking, Alta., Canada T0B 4N0 (ph 780 688-2496; hitchinpost.lusk@gmail.com).

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2011 - Volume #35, Issue #3