2002 - Volume #26, Issue #1, Page #07
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How To Move A Grain Bin

There are a lot of unused grain bins around but moving them can be a challenge. Here's how the Wilson brothers, Claire and Warren, got the job done in Winchester, Ill.
  The biggest problem is keeping the bottom of bin from collapsing under its own weight when turned on its side. So they criss-crossed the bottom opening with planks and tied them together where they met at the center.
  Once the planks were in place, the bin was tipped on its side atop a flatbed trailer. Depending on the bin, the Wilsons say you might have to reinforce the top of the bin as well. It depends on how the roof is tied to the walls.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Claire Wilson, 132 Hillview Rd., Winchester, Ill. 62694 (ph 217 742-3918).

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2002 - Volume #26, Issue #1