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Wheel Kit For Landscape Sweepers
“Those hand-held power sweepers and bristle brushes that mount on landscape power heads work great, but they take a lot of arm power,” says Russ Kempf, a retired engineer who’s now a consultant for RCI Engineering in Wisconsin. “I came up with a sweeper wheel kit that takes the arm stress out of using those tools and lets a person get the job done a lot faster.”
  Russ calls his invention Sweeper Wheels, and they’re now available as a kit direct from his company’s website, or from a handful of Wisconsin dealers who handle the Stihl Kombi System. “Initially I made the wheels for a Stihl Power Sweep, because that’s what my son was using to sweep gravel from his lawn back onto the road,” Kempf says. “He has a corner lot and said it took him more than 6 hrs. to clear the grass of gravel from the snowplow.”
  Russ came to his son’s rescue by putting the handheld bristle sweeper on wheels. He designed aluminum brackets that supported the sweeper head and attached 5-in. lawn mower wheels to bracket arms that extend down along each side of the sweeper. The operator pushes the sweeper on the wheels. Raising or lowering the power head can make minor pressure adjustments to the depth of the cut. The brackets also have additional holes to move the wheels and vary the pressure.
  “The first time my son used the device it worked like a charm,” Russ says. “He told me he was able to clean up gravel in less than half the time without any arm stress. Sweeping is such an easy job now that my son’s wife can even help out.
  “They make it a lot easier to clean up along driveways, alongside gravel roads and even remove water and light snow from driveways.”
  The stationary Sweeper Wheels are $105 for a Stihl and $135 for an Echo, Shindaiwa, Husqvarna and Red Max. Angle brackets for the Stihl setup are $47.50. Shipping and handling are extra.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Russ Kempf, Owner-Engineer, Simplify Your Tools LLC, 7715 Almor Dr., Verona, Wis. 53593 (ph 262 339-9213; perry.kempf@gmail.com; www.sweeper-wheels.com).

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