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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5, Page #22
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Accumulator for round bales

New from Cole Engineering in England is a three-bale "Accumulator" that tows behind big round balers.
As each bale is released from the baler, it rolls into the lifting cradle of the Accumualtor. The baler doors can then be closed and baling can continue. The driver then operates the hydraulic lifting ram to transfer the bale "on the go" to the carrying platform.
He repeats the operation for the second bale. The third bale is carried in the lifting cradle. The driver, by pulling a rope, can discharge the three bales at any point before the fourth bale is formed.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cole Engineering Ltd., "The Dairy", Moreton, Nr. Thame, Oxon, England 0X9 2HX (ph 08446 8873).

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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5