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1986 - Volume #10, Issue #5, Page #35
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French planter uses laser to mark rows

Laser beams mark precisely spaced rows on a new, automatically-adjusting hydraulic planter from France.
The beam, projected from a stationary transmitter, is accurate up to 1 mile. Fitted with totally self-contained hydraulics, it continuously monitors row spacing and adjusts row openers back and forth hydraulically to keep them in line. The tractor operator monitors operation on a cab-mounted video screen and keeps the tractor within about 1 ft. of the laser beam's row line. The laser is accurate to within 1 in. over a mile.
The planter, built by Collard, is designed primarly for specialty crops. The 2-row model requires an 80 hp tractor and the 1-row. planter a 60 hp. You can make two passes with the planter before having to move the transmitter at the end of the row.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, French Trade Commission, 210 Dundas St. West, Suite 800, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 2E8 (ph 416 977-1257).
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1986 - Volume #10, Issue #5