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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #3, Page #30
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Cordless Power DrillSs Conmverted To Run Off Remote Car or Truck Batteries

David Baade, Victoria, B.C.: An Arc-tic acoustic researcher with the Canadian government, David knows too well the ravages sub-zero weather wreaks on cordless power drills.
"At 40 degrees below zero, you can hardly put in one screw before they need recharging. To make our cordless drills more reliable in cold weather, we convert them to run off remote car or truck batteries. We use Black & Decker drills, but this will work on any 12-volt drill. You cut apart the battery pack that comes with the drill, dispose of the batteries, and solder wires from one end of a 20-ft., low temperature-rated cable to the terminals. Then, pour the bottom of the battery pack full of epoxy to help hold the cable in place and reassemble the battery pack applying resin to the seams. Use alligator clips to connect the cable to a truck or car battery. You can work all day in even the coldest weather without running short on power and having to recharge your drill. The only expense is approximately $1 per ft. for the cable."
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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #3