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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5, Page #10
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Posthole Digger

"It works great," says Alexis Spader, Lincoln, Neb., about a rugged post-hole digger he made using a salvaged 12-volt airplane starter motor for power.
Spader welded the heavy-duty starter motor to the end of an 8 in. dia. earth auger. Heavy-gauge battery cables feed power to the motor by simply attaching the battery cable clamps to a pickup, car or tractor battery.
"It'll dig an 8-in. hole 3-ft. deep in seconds," says Spader, noting that he used a J.A.H. starter motor.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alexis Spader, 120 College Park Circle, Lincoln, Neb. 68505.

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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5