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1994 - Volume #18, Issue #2, Page #37
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Drive-Through Electric Gates

We've been making our drive-through electric gates for 8 years now and there's still no other gate on the market that compares. The gates consist of a single swinging arm that attaches to a fencepost or portable stand. It opens when bumped by a vehicle and automatically swings shut after the vehicle passes through.
The swing arm is made of electrically conductive rubber and fiberglass. An insulated tip allows the gate to be opened by hand. Gate length can be adjusted from 10 to 16 ft.
The key feature on our gate is a patented pressure release mechanism in the hinge that allows it to swing away quickly and far back after being bumped to avoid contact with a passing vehicle. It actually pops open faster than you bump it so it won't get dam-aged as you pass through. That's why we can offer a3-year warranty.
It takes just 10 min. to install. (Gary Ecklund, Ecklund Drive Thru Gates, Box 700, Broadview, Sask. SOG OKO Canada ph 306 696-3272; fax 306 696-2508)
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1994 - Volume #18, Issue #2