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1984 - Volume #8, Issue #1, Page #31
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Chimney Fire Alert For Wood Stoves

The ever-present danger of a chimney fire with wood-burning stoves or furnaces can be reduced by the new Chimney Fire Alert, introduced by Brockwood Systems, Red Creek, N.Y.
It involves a sensor on the end of a small probe which installs in the stack, a short distance up from the stove or furnace. A cable leads to the alarm, which can be placed as far as 200 ft. from the woodburning unit it-self, according to Bob Brooks, sales manager.
The alarm box, which takes about15 min. to install, uses six AA batteries. It can be set at 100? increments up to 1,2000. If the stack reaches your preset temperature, the alarm sounds off.
Brooks notes that the alarm is particularly useful with basement woodburning furnaces, with the alarm box installed upstairs.
Sells for $59.95.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brookwood Systems, Red Creek, N.Y. 13143 (ph 315 626-6824).

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1984 - Volume #8, Issue #1