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1981 - Volume #5, Issue #4, Page #06
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New-Style Manure Spreading Nozzle

"It eliminates the crop-streaking pattern you get with conventional manure spreaders," says English dairy farmer C. E. Walley who is hoping to license for manufacture a unique spreading nozzle to be fitted to any liquid manure spreader.
Liquid manure enters a cyclone in which it starts to rotate. A high speed spiraling motion is developed as manure escapes through the outlet in the center. "This creates a vortex about 50 ft. across which leaves a perfect spreading pattern on the field," explains Walley. "The conventional spreader mechanism with a jet impinging on a splashplate is prone to leaving streak or strip marks on the field, especially with thicker fertilizer material. With this cyclone device, streaks are impossible."
The outlet is 6 in. across, compared with the normal jet opening of only about 3 in. Consequently, foreign objects, such as rocks or stones, are allowed to escape without blocking. The new-style nozzle can be used on either pneumatic or non-pressurized spreaders, according to Walley.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, C. E. Walley, Cotton Abbotts, Waverton, Chester, England (ph Chester 35753).

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1981 - Volume #5, Issue #4