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2011 - Volume #BFS, Issue #11, Page #38
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Kit Turns Garden Tractor Into Mini-8N

Don Knasel started converting garden tractors into mini-8N Fords as a way to help older tractor collectors get around tractor shows. Now he sells kits for conversion.
I saw so many old guys who were having trouble getting around, but were too bullheaded to use a mobility unit, recalls Knasel.
A Ford N-Series collector, it was only natural his solution was a kit that made a garden tractor look like a mini-8N.
He developed a fiberglass kit that he now sells to those who wish to do their own conversion. It consists of a single piece fiberglass hood that fits over most standard garden tractors. Simply remove the existing hood and use some 1-in. by 3/16-in. metal strapping to make a couple of brackets. The new fiberglass hood is reinforced at the bottom and uses two bolts to attach.
Kit includes hood, bumper, 12-volt working headlights, radiator cap, grille decals, hood script, Ford badge, and rear fenders with single rib and script. Sells for $625.
The hood is intended to overlap the dash by an inch or two, but some customers have gone to the point of taking an old Ford N dash and downsizing it to fit, says Knasel.
Knasel also converts step-through Kubotas to order. A standard one-seater goes for $1,800 with a two-seater priced at $2,500.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Don Knasel, 11777 Tawawa-Maplewood Rd, Maplewood, Ohio 45340 (ph 937 497-9447;; www. awesome

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2011 - Volume #BFS, Issue #11