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2001 - Volume #25, Issue #5, Page #31
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Gun Vault Keeps Handguns Secure But Easily Accesible

The manufacturer of this new GunVault« Safe says it combines the safety of a locked vault and easy accessibility needed in an emergency.
Owners can get it quickly using an electronic keypad. An internal battery pack provides power to the keypad and pops open the spring-loaded door when the correct code is entered. A low-battery indicator beeps when batteries need to be replaced. Should the batteries ever fail, the owner can still get in with a key.
All models can be secured permanently with screws, but also have knockouts for securing the vault with a cable.
Sells for $130. A 2-gun vault is available.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, GunGuard GunVault, Doskosil Manufacturing Co., Inc., Box 1246, Arlington, Texas 76004-1246 (ph 888 707-7678; Website:
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2001 - Volume #25, Issue #5