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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #04
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Making Better Corner Posts

"Conventional H'-style fence corners require a lot of labor and material. I decided there had to be a better way," says Harvey Malon, Rapid City, S.Dak.
  "I take a standard 8 by 8-in. corner post or railroad tie and set it the usual way, about 4 ft. in the ground. Then I take a 10-ft. piece of pipe and use it as a brace. Old well pipe can be used. I set an 8-in. by 3-ft. stub about 2 1/2 ft. in the ground to anchor the bottom end of the brace. The stub can be an old corner post that can be cut in half.
  "Big lag screws, 1/2 by 4 in., are used to hold the pipe in place.
  "I estimate that the labor required to use this method is about half the normal method."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harvey K. Malon
, 635 Westwind Dr., Rapid City, S.Dak. 57702.
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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6