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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #2, Page #34
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He Repowered His farmall C Tractor

My father repowered his Farmall C tractor in 1974. Because there are still a lot of these tractors around, some of your readers might be interested in what he did.
  The engine had a big crack between two cylinders and was beyond repair, so Dad took a straight six cylinder engine with a 3-speed transmission from a 1962 Ford car.
  He built a frame around the engine and transmission and attached it to the rear axle. He built a new wide front end for the tractor and used the original tires and spindles as well as the original gas tank, hood and grill.
  With the combination of two transmissions you have every conceivable ground speed imaginable from super slow speed to drag strip road speed. It has 13 forward speeds, four reverse speeds, three pto speeds and one pto speed in reverse (which doesn't do you much good but is interesting).
  Guys who see it wonder how you get thirteen forward speeds. The original tractor had four speeds multiplied by the added three speeds results in 12 speeds. Then if you put both transmissions in reverse, the tractor moves forward making 13 speeds.
  Dad later added live hydraulics to power a front-end loader, and he built a hydraulic 3-pt. hitch, which he built himself. He used the tractor for years to cut weeds along ditches and fence lines, using a Deere chopper that he cut down to about 6 ft. wide and fitted with a 3-pt. hitch. (Jeff Lang, Wisconsin, E-mail:
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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #2