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1999 - Volume #23, Issue #5, Page #35
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Shop Vise Mounted On Top Of Wooden Fence Post

I mounted my shop vise on top of a large wooden fence post sunk in the floor of my shop so I can move all the way around it to get the best angle for whatever job I'm doing. I set the post securely in the floor, then bolted the vise to it.
  I also use pieces of black plastic 1-in. dia. water line for electric fence insulators. I simply nail each end of a piece to a post and run the wire through the loop that's formed. I use an 18-in. long piece for corner insulators and a 6 to 8-in. piece for line insulators. I've never had a short using them, which is a big improvement in performance over the conventional porcelain insulators I used before. (Mary Ann White, Frazeysburg, Ohio)
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1999 - Volume #23, Issue #5