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1983 - Volume #7, Issue #2, Page #03
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Leveler Stops Ridging Between Chisel Shanks

Now there's an alternative to drag harrows and rollers used to level soil after chiseling. The "Leveler", manufactured by the Blessent Mfg. Co., Urbana Ill., provides a "less expensive alternative to drags or rollers," according to John Blessent, sales manager.
"Unlike a drag harrow, the Leveler doesn't drag trash along the top of the ground, yet does as good a job or better," he says.
Bolting to the rear toolbar between the chisel shanks, the Leveler consists of an S-tine shank that sits 3 ft. behind the toolbar. The unit's tapered frame and vibrating shank help prevent plugging even in heavy cornstalks, according to Blessent. S-tine height can be adjusted for varying conditions.
Sells for $79 per unit.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup. Blessent Mfg. Co., 5 Triumph Dr.. Urbana. Ill. 61801 (ph 217 367-3636).

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1983 - Volume #7, Issue #2