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1998 - Volume #22, Issue #3, Page #34
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Planter-Mounted Chemical Containers Hold Liquid Starter Fertilizer

Last year, Dad and I decided to switch to liquid starter fertilizer from dry. So we removed the rotted out fertilizer boxes from our Deere 290 two-row (38-in.) planter and replaced them with containers for liquid.
We used two 15-gal. chemical containers we got for nothing from our local co-op. We made a framework out of an old curved bed frame and welded it to the planter frame. We plumbed the containers with valves and plastic tubing. The system makes an ideal liquid fertilizer drip applicator that cost practically nothing to build. (Ken Schultz, 4121 S. Albany, Chicago, Il. 60632; ph 773 927-7336)
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1998 - Volume #22, Issue #3